G.Q. Junior

Gideon had his first school pictures taken about a month ago, and we just received word today that they were available for viewing and purchase. The photographer the school chose to take these pictures does really great work, and makes everyone look like a supermodel. Even three and four-year-olds who don’t ever comb their hair, […]

Almost Four

Dear Gideon,

Rather than write my usual letter to you to celebrate your 45th month on this earth (especially since I’m about three weeks late and our extended family has already ordered a hit on me), I thought I’d post a few recent pictures of you that show, rather than explain, what you’ve been doing with your time.

This is what I’ve learned from my 37 years on this planet: bribe loved ones who are pissed at you with pictures of the youngest family members. Works like a charm.

But before getting to the most recent grandparent bait, I will share how happy you made me when you informed your father this weekend that it was his job to sing the songs, and your job to correct his words. This is you in a nutshell, dear one. You appear to have your mother’s Type A personality, and her penchant for pointing out inconsistencies. We’ll have to find a couple of creative outlets for you sooner, rather than later.





Con mucho amor para siempre,


Easter Eggs and Bonding

Easter Eggs and Bonding

Yes, I know. It’s been a while. A LONG while. I’ve been a busy with a little consulting business I have going on, plus other things. But here are the boys decorating Easter eggs. Better?

Family Outing

There are weekends when all of us lay about in our pajamas all day long eating leftover pupusas and taking impromptu naps (well, three of us take naps while I watch). And then there are weekends when we get motivated to roll off the couch and take a little trip into the wonder that is […]

Window Lickers


I don’t remember who started this game, but it involved licking the window in our kitchen and then drawing with the saliva.

This is why we don’t have nice things.

Twenty-One (Months, That Is)

Dear Audric,

This morning, while we waited for your brother to finish up in the bathroom, you asked to play a game of hide-and-seek with me. First you ran and hid behind the chair in the living room, then you counted to twelve slowly and deliberately, without any mistakes. When I called out “Where’s Audric?” you answered cheerfully, “I’m hiding!”.

Okay, so you’re still working out the dynamics of this particular game. But I’m still a bit impressed by how much you’ve grasped at this young age. And that’s the essence of you, my almost (but not quite!) two-year-old: ridiculously smart, readily engaged and always looking for fun.


We played another game while we waited for your brother that involved your pretending that you were a firefighter (natch) climbing a mountain (sofa) and then stopping to read a book (One Little Mouse) at the summit. When your fireman’s hat fell off your head and onto the floor, you reached down theatrically for it while yelling “Oh no! Ha-a-a-a-a-a-t-t-t-t-t-!” You giggled when I said “Watch out, Firefighter Audric!”, then you let yourself fall face-down on the carpet and lay there with your arms outstretched, not moving a muscle.

“Firefighter Audric, are you alright?” I asked.

No answer.

“Firefighter Audric, are you okay?” I asked again.

Still no answer.

“Firefighter Audric?”

That famous James Brown stage performance suddenly came to mind.

Then you grunted, lifted yourself up, put on your hat and ran full-speed into your bedroom. “I’m okay, Mami!” you yelled over your shoulder, just in case I was worried. And then it was on to the next game.


This is a fairly typical play scenario that I just described, during just another day in our house. These days you spend most of your time playing with your brother, or demanding that I read you a book. Make that ten books, on average, per day. I hope this voracious appetite you have for being read to translates into actual reading when you get older. If so, you will surely be smarter than either your father and I have ever been. Even after wishful thinking.

And speaking of your brother, you two have a really amazing relationship right now. You squabble a lot, sure, but you spend most of your time together pretending and plotting and laughing, making both your father and I feel really envious of not having a sibling to grow up with in the same way. And when he pisses you off, you look at him through squinted eyes, raise your index finger near your chin, point it at him and whisper, “Gee-Gee, you go in timeout.”


You NEVER whisper anything in your life, but this phrase gets whispered and achieves the desired result: your brother screaming at you to go away. Then you turn your back, smile, and continue playing as he wails on, confident that you managed to mess with his head and get him back for taking a favorite toy.


Kid, I think people will learn pretty quick not to mess with your quiet power. Or your six-foot-five frame.

Thank you for making me laugh so hard every day, caballito, and for singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” to me as I prepared your breakfast yesterday. How did you know I needed that?


Con mucho amor para siempre,


Costume Changes


Meet our little chameleon, who likes to don different hats on a daily basis, and changes his accessories with the flair of a Seventh Avenue fashionista. I’m not sure what that will mean when he gets older, but I’m pretty sure Halloweens around here will be AWESOME.