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Morning Coffee


The difference between these two brothers is best explained with this photograph. Audric, who typically wakes up chatty and happy, can’t understand why Gideon tells him to “GO AWAY-Y-Y!!!” and “LEAVE ME ALO-O-O-N-E-E!!!” repeatedly until his demands for warm milk have been sated and his mood slowly improves.

Some days, I take my time warming the milk, just so that I can enjoy this scene for a little while and plan my revenge.


G.Q. Junior

Gideon had his first school pictures taken about a month ago, and we just received word today that they were available for viewing and purchase. The photographer the school chose to take these pictures does really great work, and makes everyone look like a supermodel. Even three and four-year-olds who don’t ever comb their hair, […]

Window Lickers


I don’t remember who started this game, but it involved licking the window in our kitchen and then drawing with the saliva.

This is why we don’t have nice things.

Hot Chocolate


It’s been cold and rainy lately. Perfect weather for hot chocolate and cookies. No one is complaining now.

Behold the chocolate lips.



First Haircut

He’s had two haircuts before, but they were done chop-chop fashion with a pair of scissors while he was taking a bath. This was the first time that he actually had to sit still and be styled. Took a little convincing at first, but when the locks surrounded him on the floor he looked down, then looked at me like “What was all the fuss about, woman?”

Pink Untitled

Gideon made these on our laptop this week. Kind of reminiscent of a toddler Sol Lewitt.

Kind of.


Brotherly Love

Not that it’s always this cozy and sweet, mind you. Let’s not be dishonest– there’s plenty of impromptu hitting, yelling, toy-snatching and general meanness that accompanies this relationship.

BUT, it’s also, remarkably, filled with a lot of moments like this.