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My name is Anastasia Ordonez, and I am yet another one of those people who insist on foisting the not-so-unique daily experiences of their family lives onto the unsuspecting public. In other words, a “mommy blogger”. But I’m not sure if that’s really true, since I created this site so that I could document the birth and early years of my first-born son, Gideon, and to help me write more. No paid ads or book deals for me.  Since then we’ve had another son, and I’m still not making a penny off this project.

I think I’m doing it wrong.

For those of you who haven’t already jumped off this page and gone back to reading Grumpy Cats, Gideon joined our family in mid-June 2009. He was welcomed by me, his father Stefan, as well as rather excited grandparents. Then our second son Audric was born in May 2011. Our dog doesn’t know what to make of the fact that we just keep breeding and don’t consult with him beforehand. I feel a bit sorry for him since he doesn’t deserve to have middle-age be so damned tiring.

A little family history: I’m originally from the New York City metropolitan area, and moved to California in February 2007. My husband is from Connecticut. We met in college and have been together for 16 years, married for 12. Yes, we waited a long time before having children but we think everyone will be much better for the delay. Our babies included. I used to work in communications/PR, but left my job in June 2010 to try my hand at SAHMing. My husband is now enjoying his gender-bound role as “Working Dad”, after a brief stint as a SAHD. We’re pretty average in many ways and, even though our parents swore we were both special snowflakes and would someday take the world by storm, we’re still just trying to figure it all out.

Of course, we hope that our boys will exceed their parents’ limitations and discover the cure for cancer while exploring the farthest reaches of our galaxy. Isn’t that what having children is all about?

Thanks for visiting, and please come back when you can.

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