One Plus One

Dear Audric,

This afternoon I caught you completely inside the refrigerator, feet on the veggie bins as you reached for blueberries on the top shelf. When I asked you what you were doing, you smiled slyly over your shoulder and said “Mami, I’m…um…looking for something.” And then you calmly returned to your search, ignoring me as I stood behind you.

“Audric,” I said. “Please get out of the refrigerator.”

“Um, okay. I just need do something first.”


“Here you go, Mami!” you sung out, as you handed me the box of blueberries with an innocent smile. “Please have blueberries?”


I’ll give you this: at least you’re polite in your flagrant disregard of household rules (e.g. no feet in the refrigerator). And charming, but that goes without saying considering who you’re related to.

This month you turned two years old, and sho’ nuff, we now have a two-year-old in the house. You’re bossy, demand everything, and disregard every rule unless spoken in a tone of voice that implies a threat. You’ve also figured out that you’re the baby in the family, and can ask both parents and big brother to do things for you, like move the “heavy” toy dumptruck in front of your feet to the dirt pile four feet away, or get your teddy bear from your crib at 5AM when you’ve decided you’ve had enough of your room and want to take a spin in your parents’ bed.


You are also ridiculously smart, reciting the alphabet more or less correctly, speaking in complete sentences, and already recognizing numbers and colors. You remember EVERYTHING–conversations, people we met two months ago, who’s turn it is to pick a book for reading. You also like to tell me how to drive, informing me when to stop and go, and where to turn whenever we’re going ANYWHERE. Thank you for your help. It’s been life-changing.


The relationship between you and your brother continues to blossom, and the two of you do almost everything together: You argue together, you wrestle together, you cry together. So much togetherness that your father and I will walk out of the room mumbling about having to do taxes whenever the two of you come in to complain about too much together time.

But then, you also play and laugh together, and snuggle with each other.


“Gee-Gee, tell me a story about a viking,” you ask your brother in a half-whisper as the two of you snuggle in his bed together, and he does. And this week when we moved you to your very own Big Boy Bed, Gideon jumped onto your bed and said, “Audric, let me show you how you sleep here.” My heart couldn’t possibly burst into smaller pieces from the overwhelming cuteness of it all.

Above it all, you are so loving and sweet that we all happily take a few minutes whenever you ask for extra loving to just sit and hold hands with you for a while. Even the dog doesn’t seem to mind it too much when you wrap your blankie around his shoulders, kiss him on the head and tell him he’s a Super Doggie. In fact, caballito, I think he lives for it.


Con mucho amor para siempre,



2 responses to “One Plus One”

  1. Irene W. says :

    What, I haven’t read your blog for awhile and Audric has turned two! He and Gideon are super cute! Hope you and your absolutely adorable boys are doing well. Isn’t two fun toddler boys fun (but exhausting!). Best, Irene W.

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